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Back to Chicago I Go

The Urban Wildlife Institute studies the interaction between urban development and the natural ecosystem to develop scientific standards for minimizing conflict between these overlapping areas.

The ‘Burbs and The Hood

The burbs still have most of their Christmas decorations up when I stay there (now almost end of Jan!) yet I wonder if the in the Hood they ever had any.. Although you don’t have the risk of being shot as much in the ‘Burbs’ its also really boring…

Bats and Brews

After introducing myself and welcoming them to the bat zone, I apologise to my public that they got stuck with me and to let me know if they struggle to get what I am saying. Apparently though they loved it...

But Why Bats?

Some fruits are pollinated by bats, around 300 varieties, and some rely on only bats for pollination. Such as the agave plant, which tequila is made from. So if you don’t like mosquitos and you do like tequila you have bats to thank!

Bun The Greyhound Bus

Ok. I officially hate the Greyhound bus. FACT. I was supposed to be on a 23:15 bus back to Detroit ahead of my shift with OBC on Sunday. Instead I am still at the bus station as I write this at 7:46 am...

Windy City

When I arrive in Chicago I head to a café to grab some breakfast before heading to my hostel. Before that though I sit in the Greyhound café and drink coffee and do some work until the sun actually rises...

Exploring the Motor City

It’s like a romantic tragedy, a tale of hopes and dreams and a reminder of the sad fact that despite the fact we are all supposed to be equals as human beings, divide and conquer is a trick that never ceases to fail...

White Flight

While the suburbs began to draw people out of our cities in the 1950s, Detroit’s neighbourhoods and their demographics changed drastically and quickly after the 1967 riots.