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After some breakfast at the hostel, I decided to head into Manhattan and do some exploring there, even though it is super cold! But hey there’s no such thing as bad weather just poor clothing choices. So I wrap up warm, looking a bit like a bear, forgetting about all the cute little ‘NY looks’ I brought over with me – just focusing on comfort and warmth… I get the Subway into Manhattan and get off at Grand Central Station. I really love this building plus they have a great Food hall too. Though this time round I won’t be dining at the Oyster bar which is a shame, but my budget is much tighter than the time my mother brought me and my sister here! I don’t do too much of the tourist spots here as we did most of that last time I was here with them…

Instead I head to Whole Foods and get myself and a couple of homeless people I spotted nearby some warm soup. It is really mad how many people are outside even in these crazy cold temperatures. After this I head to a coffee shop to get some blogs done and to warm up some more. Later that evening I go back to the hostel to eat dinner and chill before meeting Shannon. One of the guests really kindly offers to drive me to Queens from Brooklyn, which is so nice and really appreciated given all my bags!

Seeing Shannon is great and we go for breakfast with one of her old colleagues the next day and then go to dinner and drinks at a bar she was working in years ago. We get free drinks and eat some delicious food and talk about her upcoming adventure as PhD student out here! The next morning she has to grab her flight to Starkville Mississippi and I go to eat some Greek breakfast before heading to my next host back in Brooklyn. I even got to read a Greek newspaper! Astoria, Queens has loads of Greek and Irish people here so it’s like me and Shannon are back at home here!

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