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Quick trip to San Francisco!

I had a bus booked back to Los Angeles on the Monday (I had booked these from back home in the U.K) as I was meeting with people from organisations in L.A, but as some things got re-arranged I decided to book another bus from L.A to San Francisco. The reason being the magnificent redwood trees…. I had originally included San Fran in my plans but as it was a bit far out of the way and time is limited I decided not to. As my meetings got rescheduled, I decided to go for it!! So, I travelled over 1000 miles and spent around 22 hours on two overnight bus trips to get to San Fran and back….

Whilst waiting in the Greyhound bus station in L.A who do I see but fellow scholar Gareth, also travelling to San Fran. Though he was supposed to be on an earlier bus that he didn’t make so they put him on my bus. This was cool and when we arrived the next morning we did some exploring together of the city. We walked along the ocean view, went up Coit Tower, saw the seals on Pier 39, ate some seafood and finally…rode the legendary tram up and down the hills…

My hostel up here is pretty gross but its super close to Union Square and a last-minute booking as someone who was going to host me fell through last minute but it’s all going to be worth it when I make it to the woods tomorrow!!!! On another note, it’s cool how different the cities are so far but I can definitely dig the Cali vibes!! Down in southern California there is a more Mexican mix and up in the northern parts there is more East Asian mix. The food everywhere here smells so good but sadly not tried too much street food and that – I will explain why in another blog though!!!!

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