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A day with seals

We get to see the seals on the beach amongst other wildlife and Ellen tells me of the struggles they faced to get the area protected for the harbour seals...

Back to Sunny San Diego

The next morning is an early start, as I am heading into San Diego to meet Drew Stokes, the ‘Bat Man of San Diego’ at the S.D. Natural History Museum!

Sunday Funday

For my last day my hosts took me to the Greek church Agia Sophia which was quite surreal being in a Greek church in Los Angeles.


As I mentioned in the last blog, this time whilst in Los Angeles I am staying with a family who are super cool and have welcomed me into their home.

Back to Los Angeles

So, after another overnight greyhound bus ride (yes, I managed to sleep! Even if it was a bit squished) I arrived back in Los Angeles. This time though I am staying with a family which will hopefully give me a better experience of true L.A life.

Golden Gate Park

After the woods I was on such a high and so tired that I decided to stop one more night in San Fran. The next morning, I thought I would go to Golden Gate Park.

Redwood Trees

I get a phone call first thing in the morning telling me my tour is being moved to 1pm instead of 11am and that I will now only get to spend 45 mins in the Muir Wood National Monument...

Jazz and Swing

The Jazz festival is a four-day event over Thanksgiving weekend each year and I am helping out over the weekend. The music is outstanding, and the dancers are so good...