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Storms Are Coming Again

We managed to get an extra night in of surveying and managed to go down to the banana plantation for one last survey attempt…but the rain halted that and back to camp we went.

Deforestation in Malawi

Malawi is recognised for its international importance supporting a rich array of endemic species, including some that are restricted to single mountains. However, issues of deforestation and habitat fragmentation is a major issue

New Beginnings Ahead

I can get so carried away with doing that I forget to sit back sometimes and just take it all in, let alone write about it and get it online. It is November and I have just uprooted and moved myself over 5600 miles to Lilongwe, Malawi...

National Nathusius Pipistrelle Project

It has been my fifth year taking part in the BCT National Nathusius Pipistrelle Project as part of Nottinghamshire Bat Group and for the last two years I have been leading them for the Group as part of the national project licence.

Update on Research Project

As well as working hard here in Lilongwe we have also had a few opportunities for fun and we even managed to go on a fun day trip to Lake Malawi in Salima!

Knock Knock – You Got Bats?

It has been fab getting out to also take part in the Biodiversity Monitoring Projects with the ABC Team and getting more practice on mist net extraction as I would like to further my skills ...

Mass Transect Night

Last week myself at several Notts Bat Group members went on a mass transect night as part of our HLF Echolocation Location project! First, we met up at the Royal Oak pub in North Leverton and had a drink whilst checking out our transect routes...

Wolves in Upstate New York

I pick up a car rental as I am supposed to go to the Hyde Park home of FDR and had all arranged for a tour and meet and greet but sadly the park was closed due to the snow and ice. This is such a shame as...

Hobo Chic and Ivy League

Only I can roll through Yale looking like a hobo with no shame. Sadly I could not get to my accommodation before the seminar I was attending at the Business School and when I tried...

But Why Bats?

Some fruits are pollinated by bats, around 300 varieties, and some rely on only bats for pollination. Such as the agave plant, which tequila is made from. So if you don’t like mosquitos and you do like tequila you have bats to thank!