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Lockdown: Week 3

It has been just over two weeks now and getting close to three and there has been no rain since being back in England. The skies are clear of clouds, as well as planes and those trails of white that normally adorn our skies...

Lockdown: Week 2

Since being back I have such mixed feelings about some of the decadence in our everyday lives. From the products we have so readily in our supermarkets to air travel across the world, our lives rely so much on international trade.

Back In England

Thankfully, whilst coming back was a tremendous shock, my mum and sister came and picked me up from Heathrow airport. They managed to get a car and come and pick me up which is great because I do not want to have to get a bus back!

One Musketeer Goes Home

We also had a braai night on Sunday night, but sadly this will be the last for Tom as he is going back to the UK, due to all this crazy virus stuff going on... We are going to be a musketeer down in the bat team.