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Bare Necessities

After making a delicious huevos rancheros brunch for us, I had to retreat to my desk for a bit as my Twitter conference slot was on the same day...

ABC Reunion Time

This weekend just gone we managed to have an African Bat Conservation Reunion together with most staff, volunteers and interns from the last few months...

Lockdown: Week 7

Found a cool new spot which I never realised was super close, though it is pretty close to the hospital which I am not to keen on. Also went and visited some old spots like the meadow and woodland close by!

Lockdown: Week 6

Bank holiday Friday, gosh the days are a blur! I seemed to miss the memo that this year was a Bank Holiday Friday not Monday...

Lockdown: Week 5

I am a workaholic at the best of times but during this pandemic without much else to do, I find myself glued to my computer and if it’s not actual work then I am writing and uploading blogs or thinking up some new idea!

Lockdown: Week 4

Humans are part of a very sociable group, the primates, how does a social primate accept social distancing as the new norm? We have evolved over the years to seek relationships as part of our survival. So how do we stay sane? Is online communication going to keep that same interaction?

Lockdown: Week 3

It has been just over two weeks now and getting close to three and there has been no rain since being back in England. The skies are clear of clouds, as well as planes and those trails of white that normally adorn our skies...