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Summer Days Into Autumn Haze

Been so long since posting anything, I have been super busy getting my thesis typed up and submitted! Last I left it, I had just had my smiley face tattoo on the underside of my toe touched up, with stick and poke...

The Warm Heart Of Africa

Back in Malawi!!!! Myself and Amelia touched down in Lilongwe on 19th June and we are excited to be back and to carry on with our research on the white bellied free tailed bats! The first few days of ...


After a great first week on the page things have slowed down sadly! But we had an article out on Inside Ecology about the project which will hopefully help us to get the word out there!

Brrrrr-it Bats Student Conference 2018

Since re-turning from my trip, I have taken on the role of Chair of Nottinghamshire Bat Group and I was also asked to talk at Brit Bats Student Conference 2018 at Bristol University which was super cool (and also terrifying!)