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Lockdown: Week 7

Found a cool new spot which I never realised was super close, though it is pretty close to the hospital which I am not to keen on. Also went and visited some old spots like the meadow and woodland close by!

Deforestation in Malawi

Malawi is recognised for its international importance supporting a rich array of endemic species, including some that are restricted to single mountains. However, issues of deforestation and habitat fragmentation is a major issue

Quick Mission Up North

Our mission though is to get the weather station amongst the other office bits we can cram into the car. We have a good tetris session getting as much in Troopy (white Land Cruiser) ...

10 Days In…

Been so busy since I got here, getting to know the Teams and trying to catch these Straw coloured fruit bats Eidolon helvum, and adjusting to the new lifestyle...

Update on Research Project

As well as working hard here in Lilongwe we have also had a few opportunities for fun and we even managed to go on a fun day trip to Lake Malawi in Salima!

Wolves in Upstate New York

I pick up a car rental as I am supposed to go to the Hyde Park home of FDR and had all arranged for a tour and meet and greet but sadly the park was closed due to the snow and ice. This is such a shame as...

Back to Chicago I Go

The Urban Wildlife Institute studies the interaction between urban development and the natural ecosystem to develop scientific standards for minimizing conflict between these overlapping areas.

But Why Bats?

Some fruits are pollinated by bats, around 300 varieties, and some rely on only bats for pollination. Such as the agave plant, which tequila is made from. So if you don’t like mosquitos and you do like tequila you have bats to thank!

Soaring High

The bald eagle Haliaeetus Leucocephalus was chosen for its majestic beauty, great strength, long life, and because it's native to North America.