About Angelena Claire Efstathiou

I am a conservation biologist with 8 years’ experience working in the field. My most recent post was Research Manager of African Bat Conservation (ABC), undertaking applied research of bats in Malawi (part of UK based charity Conservation Research Africa).

I first worked with ABC on my MRes thesis, looking at how humane roost exclusions impact on the white bellied free tailed bats foraging ecology. For this research I was awarded a research grant from Bat Conservation International  to conduct the research on humane roost exclusions, by radio tracking bats before and after the exclusion process to study the effects on their roosting and foraging ecology. My research is focused on human bat conflict as I have always had a keen interest in human wildlife conflict and animal behaviour.

I have a BSc in Animal Conservation and Biodiversity (University of Greenwich) and a MRes in Endangered Species and Recovery (Nottingham Trent University). During my BSc, I carried out my honours thesis on a mixed species troop of primates at  ZSL London Zoo and for my MRes thesis, I worked alongside ABC in Lilongwe (Malawi), looking at how humane roost exclusions impact on the white bellied free tailed bats foraging ecology.

Angelena examining a batI have worked in the UK as an Ecologist and have worked with several small mammal groups (including otters and water voles) but specialise in bats. I hold my bat survey licence Natural England class licence (3&4). Prior to my years as an Ecologist, I was a Ranger at SSSI Attenborough Nature Reserve; Funding Assistant at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and a Voluntary Zoo Keeper at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation (big cats) and Paradise Wildlife Park (primates and reptiles).

In addition to this I have volunteered with several conservation groups, Nottinghamshire Bat Group; Nottinghamshire Biodiversity Action Group (Crayfish); Bat Conservation and Research Unit; and Derbyshire Conservation Bat Group amongst others. This enabled me to gain a variety of experience from both the private and third sector. I have sat on committees for several conservation groups including being Chair of Nottinghamshire Bat Group and sitting on the management committee for Attenborough Nature Reserve (SSSI). I am also a lab member for the University of West of England Bat Conservation Research Lab.

In 2017, I was awarded the Nottinghamshire Roosevelt Memorial Travelling Scholarship through which I travelled across 11 states of the U.S.A (and Canada) over 11 weeks researching species re introduction and recovery programs and community engagement with wildlife. It was an incredible life changing experience and during my time in the USA I undertook an internship with the Organization for Bat Conservation in Illinois working with the education team.

About Photography By Angelena

Both my father and grand father were keen amateur photographers, so from an early age I was playing around with cameras and intrigued by the ability to capture moments.

My photography and styles can be quite varied. Having worked as a Biologist for many years, I have a keen interest for wildlife and nature photography. My work has taken me to some extraordinary places (Malawi, South Africa; United Stated of America) and my camera always comes with! This has enabled me to capture some unique moments and up close wildlife shots as well as dramatic landscapes.

In addition to this though, I have a passion for street photography and I am intrigued by architecture, design and form. As well as spending time in the outdoors and wild, I also adore the urban jungle, the manmade world and I love noticing the symmetry of it. I enjoy capturing the beauty of both natural and artificial light, reflections and shadows and noticing the ways they change throughout the day.

More recently, I have been taking portrait photography, for artists in studio; on set and during performances. My work has been featured in magazines (BN Magazine; Leftlion); books (The Bats of Nottinghamshire) and websites (African Bat Conservation) as well as featured in various marketing materials and social media channels for a variety of private and charitable organisations (Conservation Research Africa; Kuti Wildlife Reserve; Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust).

About Kiki De Angelis (DJ Kiki D)

Kiki De Angelis aka – DJ Kiki D – is the alter ego of me, Angelena. Up until my late teens, I played piano, drums and sang in various capacities. Music is another of my passions and I have definitely been influenced by my father George De Angelis (producer / composer).  I have always been around artists; music and pretty much grew up in recording studios. Which is probably why wherever I go, I become involved in the music scene.

Having started mixing back in January this year, I have become hooked with it and wondered why I didn’t start this earlier. I learnt to DJ at the Sugar Stealers workshop run by DJ Denno, who is keen on sharing knowledge and sharing her skills. Now after years of discovering new music and curating playlists, I am taking a leap into a new career. I love creating an atmosphere and ensuring people are enjoying themselves, even if it means taking risks and doing something out of the ordinary.

I love Hip Hop; Soul; Jazz; House; Punk; Metal; Drum and Bass. The styles I mix are House; Afro House; and Disco. I fell in love with Afro House during my time in Malawi and got to know so much great music during my time in Southern Africa.  All my mixes are recorded live and uploaded without edits.

About Chef Kiki (Cooking With Kiki)

Prior to my years as a Biologist, I worked as a chef for almost 10 years and even had a cafe, Bake O’Clock, which focused on locally sourced; healthy and sustainable food. My cooking is influenced from my mother who spent her working life as a chef (working for many top London restaurants and pubs) and I joined her in the kitchen from a young age.

I have always had a passion for cooking, nutrition; the planet and I feel that our food system and nature conservation are inextricably interlinked. Without figuring out a sustainable way to feed humanity, our planet suffers, and so I find myself still campaigning for a better food system and better nutrition for us all.

One of my notable roles was as a chef at Inspiral Lounge in Camden, London, which involved working with a nutritionist to develop the menu and product innovation. The restaurant was vegan and included a raw vegan menu too whilst catering to many diets and allergens. This role really taught me how to push the boundaries with developing fresh and interesting vegan dishes.

Recently, I have been involved in recording the series ‘Cooking on a Budget‘ for Nottingham charity SFiCE, which shows you how to create a tasty meal for 4 for £4. I am also currently working on a recipe book series and developing workshops on cooking, insights into the food system and kitchen techniques.