Been so long since posting anything, I have been super busy getting my thesis typed up and submitted! Last I left it, I had just had my smiley face tattoo on the underside of my toe touched up, with stick and poke by Liz, then spent a night in Addis Ababa and then bused it back to Nottingham first thing Monday morning to report back to work… Only to have an all night trapping session! It was a good night and I was happy to be doing fieldwork over office work! I do love long journeys and I am thankful to cope well with travel / sleeping on buses and also not seeming to suffer from long distance journeys.

Speaking of journeys, I have just got back from Greece, where I saw my sister at our apartment in Athens. We had a super fab week together catching up and chilling at the beach. Athens is our second home and we were lucky enough to spend most of our summers during childhood over here with our gran, uncle and cousins. Whilst we are here, we catch up with some of our Greek friends and family and eat some good souvlakia! We also ate the most amazing baklava with a gorgeous view of the Parthenon at Dionysis café.

I really am thankful for this break and fingers crossed to get the results for my masters degree soon… Just before going to Greece, I had my Viva for  my research. I also mean literally just before, after it I got on a bus down to Heathrow and then got a plane to Athens where I was later that evening! Other bits I have been up to include seeing Faye in London (as she is over from New Zealand), taking Sinead to her first classical concert at the Royal Concert Hall and managed to squeeze in some National Nathusius Pipistrelle surveys since being back in UK!