7 11, 2020

Wildebeest Necropsy, A Weird Way to Spend a Day Off

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Now the following is a bit gruesome... may I warn you. So those of you that don’t like a blood and mess, might want to skip past this blog entry. For those not familiar with the term, a necropsy is a post mortem examination of animal to determine the cause of death.

25 05, 2020

1st World Bat Twitter Conference

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Excited to be part of the 1st World Bat Twitter Conference which is being organise by researchers working in the UWE Bat Conservation Research Lab. On the flipside I am so nervous about it. I normally don’t get nervous presenting but as this is a different format I find myself a bit stressed out about it!

29 01, 2020

Sundowners and a Pizza Party

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For something a bit different we went to a pizza night and before that a bunch of went for volleyball with a few beers. The others went out for sun downers at Kumbali beforehand but thankfully me, Lena and Tom went for some earlier in the week on the rock spot you see in the picture!

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