It was my sister Isabella’s birthday this week and we had a lovely day though it was a lockdown birthday. So she was stuck with just me and mum but we tried to make the day nicer by ordering her a box of Doughnnotts doughnuts instead of cake, so glad they have started their delivery service! Though I am going to hopefully not start ordering frequently as they are just too delicious and I cannot be adding any more pounds to this lockdown bod.

After making a delicious huevos rancheros brunch for us, I had to retreat to my desk for a bit as my Twitter conference slot was on the same day. I thought I had everything nailed when I had a dreaded technology fail. My first tweet was supposed to be a video but it wouldn’t upload as it was just a fraction over the size limit after a tweek of editing and I just never noticed. So after a flustered panic and almost 5 mins into my presentation slot, I just had to post Tweet 2 as 1. To be fair although on the day I was soo annoyed at myself, it really isn’t as bad. Also this way I ended up not wanting to look at my phone for the rest of the day and of I have learnt for next time.

I try not to let it get me down on the day anyway as it is Isabellas day and we want it to be as lovely as possible! I got her a mask for her birthday, managed to get a Vivienne Westwood one for her and I got myself another one but they kind of match which is cute. If you gotta wear one, may as well make it stylish ?