Christmas was a blast and we had a lovely day at Kuti Wildlife Reserve. We had a secret santa game with the crew and there were quit a few people coming through to Kuti which made for a great day. Though it is sad to hear everyone’s plans back in the UK getting cancelled due to the new lockdown. For for New Years Eve we played a murder mystery game alongside a dinner party. I was the host for the NYE dinner party and served up a three course vegetarian dinner with some immersive theatre. Everyone got really stuck in and we had a hilarious evening, though no one did solve the murder. But we did dance until the early hours!

Between Christmas and NYE, the others went off on holiday together. I stay back as around this time I normally like to reflect a bit and think about my past and future goals and experiences. This New Year I am trying to maintain being better at staying in contact with my friends. I got a bit better during lockdown but it is so easy to slip again and forget about those who have been around for a while but are just a little further away.

Whilst everyone is away I try to update my website and blogs and focus on my reflections. I am also absolutely buzzing that the electricity in the house is still going. Normally the power goes by 5pm here but lately we get power until about 8/9pm, woop woop! Reminds you how we take those things for granted back home. Feels like such a privilege to have things in charging at this time, as I sit here writing my blog with the light on in my room, sat under a mosquito net.