The weekend just gone was so fun! We went to Lilongwe with the African Bat Conservation Team for a Christmas holiday as we have been based at Kuti Wildlife Reserve since they all started, so they only know bush life and basic Salima life. I can’t lie I have missed the City and getting back to Lilongwe has been a treat.

Although still fairly basic in many a way the City does offer nicer foods, better wines and live music. Which we got to see a good amount of. Saw a reggae band on Friday evening and on Sunday went to Four Seasons for the Sunday Night Jazz (which is fun but not jazz). There is a really good singing duo on with a great band on for most of the evening and for some of us it has been a very long time since we have been out. You kind of start forgetting coronavirus is a thing!

It was such also fabulous getting to go to a supermarket here as Salima is very very basic, being able to get a fresh juice and get to eat out in restaurants! For our Christmas Do we went to the delicious Seble Ethiopian Restaurant, second year in a row. Also got to go to the climbing wall which I have missed and saw some hyena den. We were lucky enough to see a live one too, looking at us from a far!

I think I am starting to realise I am an urban lady who just enjoys time out in nature. Don’t think life in the sticks is for me.