Next up was a trip to York, to see some family, as it my cousins 30th birthday. My dad picked me up on the way up from London. Was great seeing everyone including all the kiddos. Then the following weekend was a trip to Tattershall Lakes for another cousins birthday over the bank holiday weekend. Loved that there was a hot tub, as they gross me out normally but I was the only person in the fresh clean thing, winning! My niece joined the group the following evening and we did a bit of bat watching over the lake and heard lots on the bat detector!

When back in Nottingham, I start the packing of the bags, thankfully this time it is not too bad as I have been semi living out of suitcases since I got back in April. I had no idea how long I would be back for but finally I have a ticket back to Malawi as they have now open the borders up again. So beginning of October I am off. Just a few weeks away. I hate packing and have to do it in phases as I am so bad at over packing. Got some extra cool bits to take with me this time, including badminton rackets and a net! Looking forward to playing volleyball again too!

Downside now is that with only a few weeks to go, I am isolating from people, as I don’t wanna catch coronavirus and not be able to leave! Especially now schools have gone back, it is all too risky! The cases are going to spike again… It has been great seeing people over the last few months but I am ready to be back in Malawi and back in my huts in the sun!