Last month did a few Zoom talks for the Bat Conservation Trusts Bat Fest, talking on the Global Bat Conservation Showcase day and the Bat Science Stage day. I was presenting African Bat Conservations work on human bat conflict in Malawi and also a more general one about our work. I definitely find these Zoom talks more daunting than just doing them live in person. I think standing in front of a crowd feels more natural to me that presenting on the computer where you can’t read peoples faces. They were two great days of hearing what other bat researchers are doing in the world and also made some good contacts.

Otherwise in my world, still packing! So hard getting everything in and new stuff keeps coming through like this fabulous spice pack sent to me by a friend! Yum! Have a final few visits with friends, though now these are strictly outdoor visits just in case… Also eating as much of all the things I won’t be able to get in Malawi, like oysters and crab which thankfully we can get delivered fresh to the door! Fabulous.

Being a bit emotional now though it is probably because of the full moon which this month is also the harvest moon, hence the song choice 😀 but also as I am leaving, feels different this time, but excited to be getting out of here. Next up going to spend my final few days in London seeing my dad and thankfully he came and picked me up from Nottingham, so I didn’t have to get on the bus!