Been busy this March, went to Creswell Craggs for mums birthday which was a first for me going for art and not bats. Creswell Craggs on the Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire border, contain several caves that were occupied during the last ice age, between around 43,000 and 10,000 years ago and has some of the oldest cave art and some of the most northerly finds in Europe. However, bats did take over just a little bit, as we were leaving someone at reception told me about a grounded bat that had been found in a nearby village. We went to the birthday lunch we had booked and then after that we went to do a bat rescue! It was a Brown long eared bat which I took to Amelia from NBG to look after!

I also went to see my friend Sara, with Jacomo and Eli, as she is having a baby soon and so it was great catching up with the gang. We went for dinner at one of Jacs favourite Italian places and it was delicious. The guy who owns it / the chef, used to be Pavarotis personal chef! Yummy! Me and my sister also took a trip to see another friend who is having a baby soon but this trip was in Switzerland.

We first arrived in Geneva where Georgina picked us up and took us back to Friedberg where she lives. We went for a tour of a cheese shop and ate so many delicious delights! Some of the views we had on the lake and in the mountains were just phenomenal, really pretty just walking around and taking in the beauty. After a few days in the French side we drove to Zurich to see her sister Effie and we toured round the City and had a delicious brunch out, I had chicken and waffles ? Me and Isabella also went out for a fondue which I have never had before, we sat outside and the restaurants smell super cheesey! So fabulous catching up with the girlies, we have all known each other since primary school, where we were bestie friends! We have stayed in touch for so long, despite all manoeuvring across the globe!