For my final night I go to a basketball game, Brooklyn Nets vs Pelicans! So glad I managed to make it to one game during my time here. The next day and my last day, I visit to the Roosevelt Island in New York to pay a final tribute to FDR and visit the Four Freedoms park. I get the train there but take the overhead Island Tramway back which is super cool. After I head back to grab my bags and get ready to leave for the airport! Oh my gosh, how this has gone by so quick in some ways! My journey to the airport was eventful, the trains are not working and there has been a huge accident in one of the tunnels so traffic means the bus has not shown up either, and time is ticking! Really don’t want to miss my flight as much as I also don’t want to go home just yet.

In the panic at the bus station I meet Hugh and Sarah who are also needing to get to the airport, and Sara is really pushed for time. We thankfully share a cab to the airport which makes it a lot cheaper (was really dreading having to fork out for a yellow cab to the airport!) and it makes for one last great adventure before going back! We all get there in time and make our flights home ? Bye bye U.S.andAiiiii it has been a magical and truly unforgettable experience.

Once back at Heathrow, my dad comes to pick me up and I spend a few days with him catching up in Kent and also visit my sister in London before headed back to the ‘Shire of Nottingham. Thank you so much to the Trustees of the Nottinghamshire Roosevelt Memorial Travelling Scholarship for enabling me to get to go once this once in a lifetime trip! Applications for this year are now open so if you want a chance at researching your topic of choice in the U.S.A apply at and if you want feel free to drop me a line if your interested but not sure!