After a few days with my dad, I head back towards Nottingham on the train. Still letting all the trip sink in and all the people I met with. Such a huge diversity of organisations, with so many different places explored and had so many unique experiences along my journey! I explored a range of environmental programs, met with researchers, outreach engagement officers as well as school groups and communities in very culturally different States. I also got to develop my own skills, challenge myself and grow as a person. It will be interesting to see what happens next in life.

Once I am back in Nottingham it is great catching up with my mum and family here. Me and Parisa go and visit Sarah once back and its lovely seeing the ladies after my travels. Oh it is awesome having the car back as well, so luxurious, not going to lie! After a good couple of months on public transport in a country not designed for it… I have also stickered up my car even more with all my fabulous memories along my recent adventure! In Birmingham, we have dinner out and go for a Chinese meal as it is Chinese New Year and then we go back to Sarahs new house, which is beautiful, for wine and gossipings! In the morning we head out for a delicious brunch at one of her fave places and as its Valentines times I am also treated to a rose! Got a few days off before going back to work next week so will be nice to catch up with more family and friends.