Cant believe I leave in a week!!! AAAH!

So much more I wanted to achieve but I guess I am needed elsewhere now. Despite wanting to achieve more, I am so proud of all the things I have done during my time as Research Manager for African Bat Conservation. I have learnt so much and been through so much, but I have also trained many others both locals and internationals, got to see some amazing species of bats and make some great friends outside of work too!

I have been thinking about leaving for so long but now the time has come. I am excited about the next chapter and what will come next. I am also looking forward to city life again and despite having moaned about living in the countryside at times, I will miss the great experiences we have had at Kuti. Not only because of Lauries generosity and hospitality. Plus all the braais and parties! One to note was his cooking a roast chicken on the braai! It was soooo good.

But also, seeing zebra, giraffe or nyala just bopping about as you sip your morning coffee or do yoga… Or not to mention helping raise a baby orphan donkey… never saw that one coming! I will miss him lots too and hate thinking about how sad he will be, especially as I saw how sad he was after Dom Dom left…

The nomad lifestyle continues. So I find myself packing and trying to get through things without as much worry. Though for a nomad I have far too much stuff :/