Sat at the airport thinking about all that has been! Because wow there is so much 🙂 So many years back and fourth here, so it really feels like an end of an era…

Camps have changed, people come and go but I felt like the constant. This time it’s goodbye for a while which is why it feels strange I think, but I have had a great time, even though sometimes it has been challenging to say the least. With me though I take good memories, as much of my fabulous wardrobe as I could, great artwork and even some new ink 😉

I had to get rid of a lot of my clothes sadly as there is no way it would all fit, but the ladies working at Kuti have got some new bits to enjoy! So in my final days, I eat out at some of my fave spots and even discover some new ones, like Maravi bakery. So glad I didn’t clock this one before, or I would be even poorer! haha

I also see Esther for a final coffee, with baby Angelena, and say ciao to fab friends I have made. Sadly we didn’t take many pics, guess we were too busy having fun… Thanks to all who have made these times so enjoyable 😉