As mentioned in my last post, part of me is thinking of going home, but at the same time got lots going on here. We are mid build for the new African Bat Conservation camp here at Kuti Wildlife Reserve. I have never designed a place before so super excited to be doing this at the moment! I feel like I am on ‘Grand designs’ as this building whilst rustic is going to be huge and fabulous.

I cannot wait to see it finished. It has been so interesting getting to do this. I did the design but Lauree is the man in charge of the actual build, but I have learnt so much already from him by helping out with it all. This area of the reserve is so beautiful and we have caught several interesting bats here, so it will be super cool for new staff and volunteers. Almost like it was at our old camp at Kumbali ‘Camp Refugae’ as we used to call it.

We have also been working on a bat interpretation trail which myself and a previous volunteer designed. It is great seeing the final product and it ready to go up! So exciting as it has been a while in the making. The trail has signage outlining the ecological role of bats, the biology of bats, and the ecosystem services provided by bats. The trail will also contain bat boxes through which Kuti’s trained tour guides can talk about bats to schools and the public. A great way to help promote bats and their importance!