It has been just over two weeks now (getting close to three) and there has been no rain since being back in England. The skies are clear of clouds, as well as planes and those trails of white that normally adorn our skies. I try to take pictures in the same spot everyday but as most days are clear blue skies there is not much to show. Feels strange seeing clear blue skies every day. In other news, we have been eating so much during lockdown, I am sure I must of added some kg, but I have loved all the treats and we even had a fondue night we had, so good. We also ended up having a “dance party” which involved bubbles at first but ended with a bottle of tequila and a sore head the next day. It was fun to dance around but I wonder if I will get to go out again whilst back in England? How long will this lockdown time go on for? I hope my birthday isn’t a lockdown event in June!

During lockdown days over the last few weeks, we have been exploring our local areas and going to spots that I have not been to before, for our ‘daily walk’. We even went a bit further the other day and I got some cool pictures of the trees and stacked wood. So nice with no one else around. Slowly getting stuff sorted for my gallery sections and I have also been enjoying playing around with editing some of my photos in this new found free time. I have been looking at some of the photos I took also during the ABC / Bat Cru Road Trip (which you can read about here) and I love this one of an Epaulatted fruit bat! Looks really cool, so happy Dan let me gate-crash his photo set up, so that I could get a photo like this!

We managed to have our first ABC Bat Team Meeting with Whats App 3 way convo now that I am more settled back here at home for the time being. It was great hearing how everyone is doing and getting back on track. It is going to be weird working from the UK, I hope I can get back over later in the summer but hard to tell how this is all going to play out. Will we even get to go to Greece still in summer? I try not to dwell anymore too much on what is going to happen and instead get my head back in the game with work. Got so much to do as always and I am finding my work focus again by not being as restricted to time and trying to enforce a 9-5 in my home. Especially when I naturally find myself being super productive at all weird and wonderful hours… I often feel most inspired and get my best writing done past midnight!