So, over the last 30 or so blogs, I have taken you from packing for my trip to Malawi, my adventures with African Bat Conservation and then sadly coming back to the UK as the world goes through a pandemic. In each blog I have been posting a song which reminds me of my time in Malawi, friends I made and great memories in the Warm Heart of Africa. Cheesy I know but I love music and I think as humans we build so many memories around songs and the good times we were having. 

There’s quite a few that didn’t make it into a blog and it has been so hard to choose between stuff because of course there are so many more tunes we listened to! We often listened to my Spotify when driving around or at camp, as I had loads of playlists downloaded… Totally deserved the ‘jukebox’ nickname! If you want to listen to these songs all in one place go to my Spotify list here and follow it 🙂 

As I didn’t have specific pictures tp put with this post, as I have been posting about Malawi for so long, I have instead put some of my favourite dressing up moments from parties! Being in lockdown means having a bit more time to go through playlists and looking over photos from the past as you sort your hard drive out! I have always been a fan of a dressing up box and one picture I am upset I don’t seem to have anywhere is the time me and Faye dressed as Dr. Zoidberg and Professor Farnsworth from Futurama! We went to a space party, and whilst all the other ladies dressed up as sexy planets and solar systems, Faye rocks up painted red with claws she made and I had a bald cap an googley eye glasses on!