Since being back I have such mixed feelings about some of the decadence in our everyday lives. From the products we have so readily in our supermarkets to air travel across the world, our lives rely so much on international trade in order for us to live comfortably and often beyond our needs. But then I love bananas, red wine from South America and exploring countries all over the world. We don’t need all types of food all year round and it is scary when you think about how little food the UK produces for its own needs. 97% of the fruit we eat in the UK is imported. Watching people que outside our local supermarket was interesting to see as new social distancing measure are implemented. Though measures such as disinfecting areas and hand washing stations are not present. Something shops in Malawi where straight on. 

Everyone seems to have become like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory, though I have been rocking slight germophobia well before all this! I was so happy when in Malawi they started spraying down the trolleys before you used them. The hand washing basins are something I hope they keep beyond the current pandemic as washing hands properly can reduce the spread of so many harmful bacteria and pathogens. Hopefully people will practice better hygiene and be more considerate in public spaces beyond all this corona mayhem. Though, I am still amazed at how many joggers seem to think it is ok to go around spitting on the streets !?!

Despite the spitting joggers, our daily walks are a great opportunity to capture some urban wildlife moments. Everywhere is quieter and you can noticeably hear bird song as you walk the streets. Though is their increase in wildlife or can we just hear their song more clearly due to the decrease in noise from traffic? The flowers are out on the streets and the local green spaces and you can feel spring is in the air. However, you can also feel the paranoia as you walk the streets. With people leaping out of each others way and flinching as they turn corners. There will definitely be some lasting effects on human behaviour after this! We have managed to find some new spots in our neighbourhood to explore during our daily allowance, as we try and find more secluded natural areas to spend our time in. We try and go for walks early in the morning as the streets get busier after midday as the rest of the population seem to emerge at this time.