So this week me and my sister went to see my cousin Mike. We walked over an hour to his place to see how he was doing and have a good old catch up. After some coffee Mike suggested we order some souvlaki from this Greek place. Both mine and Isabella’s eyes lit up in excitement, I didn’t even know there was a souvlaki place in Nottingham! Turns out they were closed but this inspired another plan. Go to Greece.

So the next day after a night to think about it, we booked our tickets to the motherland. After all, why get a souvlaki in Notts when you could have one in Athens? It fell so good knowing we had a plan to get out of the UK. Whilst it was lovely seeing Mum and Isabella, I wanted out of the UK. I never really wanted to come back and had to due to the Trustees decision. I would rather still be in Malawi where it is hot and sunny.

With a week to go, we realised how many people we needed to see! My dad arranged to come up just before we left so he could drop us at Luton airport. Due to the restrictions, I had not yet seen my dad even though I was back in England. Also made a pit stop in York to see my other cousins and a visit to my family in Notts that had been isolating. We also had to help my mum with her art exhibition for her final year project, which involved hanging her paintings in the living room.

Sadly though after being dropped off by our dad at Luton airport, they would not let us on the flight. When there were no direct flights to Greece, we though we were being smart by booking a ticket via Cyprus but alas we could not board as we did not have a permit to visit Cyprus. Apparently the airline doesn’t ‘transit’ there so we would have to exit the airport and come back in again, total poo!