This is now the third coronavirus pandemic to spread around the world in the last decade. Zoonotic diseases are not going away and fundamentally we need to look at our behaviour as humans, our consumptions rates and practices that push the planet to extremes. Animals that would never normally come into any contact are found stacked up on top of each other and whilst fingers are pointed at the Chinese food markets let’s not forget that each and every one of us is making an impact on the planet and forcing nature into tighter spaces. There is lot’s of information but just be sure to make sure what your reading is true.

Bats are back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons and some people are even blaming corona virus on bats. Whilst some bat species carry coronaviruses no bat has been found with SARS-COV-2 (COVID19) and it is humans transmitting it to other humans. There have been numerous reports around the world that some communities and government authorities have been culling btas. Naturally, we want something to blame it on. Anyways for more information check it out these links: