Our African Bat Conservation Team has shrunk dramatically and it is now just myself and Molly on the Team as one of our Interns departed earlier this month after staying on an extra month. So weird being so few after a good 6 months with the Team. Even Dom is leaving soon and headed back to South Africa ☹ Times are changing.

This week though Molly and I have been in Lilongwe house sitting for someone who is away as they have two doggies! I  have really missed having a dog around and wish I still had Mara around. Really enjoying having doggie company and the house also has a swimming pool which made the Easter weekend a real treat!

Due to the holidays we a few extra days off and enjoy our time lounging by the swimming pool and eating fabulous food treats. At the weekend we head out to an EP launch for a local artist with some friends and after a fab weekend in the city we head back to Kuti to get back to work.

The next few nights consist of emergence surveys and some hand netting. On our day off we go to the Lake for some time with Dom before she goes soon and we rarely all get the same day off. We also have some guests at Kuti this weekend and have a braai at Sunset Deck. The sunset view here never fails! What a fab life…