We are in the capital city at the moment as we have another big humane exclusion job to do. There are hundreds of bats in the loft void of the house and the landlord wants them out. We tried to retain the roost but they won’t consider it an option. We have been doing emergence surveys at the properties and also a hand net exercise to establish which species are using the buildings as roosts. We have the residence come drop in so they can learn more about some of the bats here. We captured a few bats including the White bellied free tailed bat and Yellow bellied house bat.

Been back and forth to the city quit a bit at the moment due to this work but it has meant we have had Esther back out with us which has been really great. She even sometimes bring baby Angelena with. We also have a new volunteer out with us and as the job is so big even the carnivore team have been getting involved. Can’t wait for the new recruits to get out here and for our team to get bigger again.

Another bonus of being in the city is the shopping, check this new bag I managed to get on the street, Gucci baby 😊 Curfew here has lifted too, so nights out in the city can resume again which means a Jazz night at Four Seasons!