These last few weeks have been exciting for the ABC Bat team as we have been attempting to capture and radio tag slit faced bats here at Kuti Wildlife Reserve. One of my favourite species here! We manage to capture several bats and I tag some of the suitable ones so we can find out more info on their roosting ecology here in Malawi. I adore radiotracking and it is one of my favourite parts of being a bat researcher. You just get to understand animal behaviour and movements so much better through radio tracking. One evening whilst out tracking we managed to get ourselves stuck in the mud, rainy season can be tricky like that especially now it is getting towards the end and all the ground is saturated and super muddy!

We tried our best to get ourselves out but had to call upon Laurie the reserve owner to come get us out. At the house we are getting more and more visitors which is great and I mean the animal kind! We have often got the giraffe and zebra here during our morning coffee time. Though we still get out on plenty of game drives when we are not working.

In more experiments with sourdough, this week I made some pizza for us! Although not normally a fan of bacon and pineapple combo this baby pineapple just made it delicious! I think I have been converted 😊 this sourdough obsession is going to make me gain some pounds though. Good job we are out radiotracking at the moment to burn some of the calories off!