Me and Dom having been trying to go on more walks at Kumbali during our lunch breaks with our cameras, trying to get out of the Office a bit more and enjoy our surroundings! We have all this fabulous place around us and sometimes you forget to appreciate what is right on your doorstep, or at least to make the time to appreciate it. Because we do all love and appreciate the awesome views and place we get to live. We have also managed to get to a few art exhibitions going on at the moment in Lilongwe which has been great as I do miss going to exhibitions, so it has been a nice change. We might even try and get some of our photos out there soon! We also managed to hit up the pool this past week and catch some rays. I loved it when we were out shopping one day, and I managed to swagger a hat for Dom from the supermarket, which will get all excited about her Ireland getaway.

I have also been getting down to the climbing centre here in Lilongwe a bit more and they recently opened up some of the other wall sections which have just been finished, it is super cool and friendly there. I definitely notice an improvement in my climbing since I having been going a bit more regularly as well as my strength! I have also finally driven the Looser Cruizer, after months of refusing to drive or even get in it, I drove it back from a survey! It is our bumpiest car in the fleet but also good fun to drive actually and it is pretty funny seeing peoples faces as you pull up in it! It is extra bouncy because you are sat over the engine. I always sing the ‘bouncey bouncey crimp’ form the Mighty Boosh when we are in it. Sadly though this week, we had to take silly Mara to the vets as she keeps licking her elbows and one morning we woke and she had chewed her nail off, gross. So she is now a cone head which she is not best pleased about but at least she is still getting out and about with us exploring!