After a weeks of long nights bat surveying at Kuti, catching bats and training the new Team up, we went to Lilongwe again to sort some of the vehicle stuff out. The nights at Kuti were gorgeous and the Milky Way has been really vibrant in the night sky. I have a go at taking some Milky Way Astro photos but definitely could do with a better tripod and camera. Still such an awesome sight and a totally difference experience from the skies growing up in London. Lucky to see stars in London with all the lighting pollution.

A visit to Lilongwe was a good excuse to get to play a bit in the City! We met some new friends and went on a great night out until quite late into the evening. It has been a while since I stayed up to 5am. I also get to stay at a lovely house with a pool table and dog. Bentley is a babe, you might remember him from when I had malaria and stayed in Lilongwe. So great being in the City again, really do miss the more luxury items that you cannot get in Salima, especially when it comes to food 😊 Though I am learning about how to do without more being in Salima, though my wardrobe is expanding as I rebuild it post fire. I have found some amazing finds and handbags in D.A.P.P (second-hand charity shop out here in Malawi).

After some roost visits and emergence surveys in the City we head back to Kuti and find out that Dom now has malaria! I whip up some tasty healthy meals for her and we eat like Queens the next few days as we keep her iron levels up. I am staying at Landirani when back to distance myself a bit from Dom as Covid cases are on the rise here. It is a lovely spot for my morning yoga practice and Ginny the giraffe as well as zebra often gate crash my yoga sessions! As a special treat on Sunday, I made a roast dinner for us all including Yorkshire puddings and stuffing!