Better than that, I took a five hour return trip on another darn Greyhound bus to have coffee with and meet globally known bat researcher Dr. Brock Fenton! Whose research I have referenced so much in my masters thesis! He visited Organization for Bat Conservation back in Detroit on a day when I was not there (that time I got stuck in the Chicago bus stop…) and I was so disappointed to of missed out on meeting him.

But thankfully, one of the staff asked him if I could meet him in Canada when I passed through and so we met for a coffee in London (Canada) which was a highlight. He gave me some great contacts for bats in America and we discussed my research in Malawi and he gave me some sound advice. It was a great pleasure to sit down with a key researcher in bat biology and ecology.

Once back and after spending the evening with Eirini, the next day I went and stayed with former Scholar Sarah Taylor, who I have not seen since she moved to Canada! So I am excited to see another friend out here and hear what she has been up to. Sadly though I am starting to come down with something which is not fun but despite it I manage to still get out and explore with Sarah, visit art galleries, look at awesome graffiti, go out for drinks with some of her friends and enjoy the fabulous views from her roof terrace! What an incredible view, you could sit here forever. Did I mention there is a hot tub up here?

Although my time in Canada has been brief, I have enjoyed seeing two good friends, stocking up on syrup and having a few slightly more chilled touristy days… Next up a Megabus to Washington D.C. Lets see if this is any better than the Greyhound!