So back in November, last year, I was asked to be a judge for Kuti Wildlife Reserves first Potjie Competition. This time I wanted to enter (and win)! Although now Dom has gone, I assisted in organising and promoting this one… Don’t worry it won’t affect judging 😉 We had a stellar menu planned for guests and a party the night before. We even had cocktails! Gilbert really enjoyed learning how to mix cocktails, he is a natural.

Our dish, which was delicious, was a Pork cheek Massamam curry served with Thai vegetable dumplings. So the art to cooking a potjie, a traditional South African dish, is to cook low and slow over a fire. We even deep fat fried the dumplings in a pot over the fire 😉 The second Potjie competition was a great success and we won second place. Although a bit gutted not to win, I feel we won the best prize for us, which is a weekend at Rafiki Lodge. Been wanting to go there for so long.

The next day, with a bit of a hang over, we headed out of the reserve with our friends and got to spend it on their boat having fun on the donut. Sadly I did not get on the donut as I have a couple of grazes on my leg and I do not trust the lake water! No way. Even though I love being in the water. I do not want any infections thanks.  After the boat ride we headed to our Lakeside bar spot and then another group of friends joined us there too. Very fortunate to get these opportunities. I am supposed to be going away again next weekend for a friends big birthday party by the lake (a different part) but I don’t think I can hack it!

I also have a big work event I am organising at the moment which needs my full attention so I will have to skip out for that too (even though it is a bank holiday long weekend over here).