Material girl feelings … how can I be so boujee in such a poor country? The week of birthday extravaganza and the potjie competition last week had me in a mixed bag. Whilst I enjoyed every minute of eating great food and being spoilt, I am also torn by feelings of guilt. Having so much when some people have so little. I had this Madonna song at times on loop in my head whilst we were away.

My joke has always been that I am “boujee in the bush” and despite my work in conservation love to dress up. You wouldn’t know my house was burnt to the ground as my current hut has a large wardrobe of dresses and handbags… I try to make ethical choices and of course second hand clothing is far more sustainable but my internal thoughts and sometimes even guilt has me wondering how spoilt I still am. I was never without a roof over my head, food on my plate, water to drink or clothes to wear. Totally blessed. But not everyone is so blessed.

The average wage here in Malawi is $2 a day, this has gone up this year from $1 a day, but both amounts are ridiculously low. I wouldn’t get out of bed for $2 but not everyone has that choice. The wage is still so low, that many people here struggle. This is why so many children, especially young girls, never get to go to high school. As only primary education is free. How can a family support a roof, food and education?

Even though I lost all my possessions only some months ago, my wardrobe is full again, my belly always full and I have never been without a roof over my head. Even through some of my toughest times, I have never been without. I felt so hard done by post fire but never was without bubbles and canapes. Food for thought.