After my super early start, I have a late night bus to Chicago (I try to book overnight buses when I can to save money!). When I arrive in Chicago I head to a café to grab some breakfast before heading to my hostel. Before that though I sit in the Greyhound café and drink coffee and do some work until the sun actually rises! I find a place not too far, which apparently serves a great breakfast and Route 66 starts right outside the place which is cool!

The breakfast was awesome and also huge, as usual I take half of it to go as portions are so big over here. The waiting staff look at me funny when I say I have my own Tupperware to out the food into. But I wont let looks stop me from re using plastic containers. Those that know me, know my obsession with recycling plastic containers (hey free Tupperware and less plastic!). I should have been giving people funny looks as the amount of waste made me sad. People do waste so much food and not just here in the U.S.A but back home to (take it home or ask for less).

I arrive at the HI Chicago hostel which is huge, one of the biggest around, being able to accommodate 500 people. Wow, I am glad it’s not during the peak summer months when it is probably full. To be fair I am kind of liking the hostels at this time of year as they are not busy at all and so it’s a much more chilled environment. During the day I catch up on blogging and then in the evening I make some new friends at the meet. We head out to a free jazz gig round the corner which was sensational! The musicians are still in high school and its great to see them on such a jam, really enjoying themselves and super super talented musicians. After the gig we go to a games bar in a really cool historic building.

The next morning, with a slight hangover, the gang goes onto the free walking tour provided through the hostel. The tour guide Tom really knows the City and his passion for its history really shines through. Later that afternoon I catch up with Maddie who I met in Malawi whilst undertaking my Masters research. Great hearing about all the stuff happening over there with Conservation Research Africa and I can’t wait to get back there. Maddie and I head down to the pier and then in the evening go to meet her friend for dinner. After dinner, I have to dash as I have another overnight bus back to Detroit. Back here in a week though!