My next host is a really interesting person. Dr. Anna C. Roosevelt. As part of the scholarship we are encouraged to try and meet with a family member from the Roosevelt family. Now although the wrong lineage (she is the great grand daughter of Teddy R.) this is still super cool. I messaged asking if we could meet for a coffee, as I am interested in her fascinating work, and she responded by askng if I want to stay with her in Chicago. She is an anthropologist with her main research being in the Amazon and Congo basins. Part of me is a bit nervous about meeting her on the day as my brain is actually a little bit fried from all the travelling and I have a meeting beforehand with the Lincoln Park Zoo team.

But Anna is super friendly (and super intelligent!) we instantly start talking about human origins over a ‘Depression sandwich’ something her mum used to make her as child (getting into Roosevelt traditions here!). Depression sandwich = peanut butter, mayonnaise and lettuce – surprisingly I quite like it. Her house is super cool, mainly because it is like a giant library, in various rooms she has books laid out for papers she is working on. I hope one day to aspire to this lifestyle. The next day I get to attend one of her lectures in Anthropology at the University of Illinois and visit the University, meet with students and Professors. It is great for me as I always wondered whether to go into Anthropology as my previous work on primates meant I was always fascinated with human and non human behaviour and group dynamics.

After the lecture and a tour of the University we go to Greektown to a great Greek restaurant with some of her students. We have some interesting talks discussing our research areas accompanied by some great Greek food. After the lunch, I head to a supermarket to grab some Greek (proper) pita breads. As I will be staying with Marc and Ksenyia again in Detroit and I have already given them Nottingham related gifts. This time I shall make them some traditional Greek souvlaki! I also pop into the Roosevelt University before heading to the Greyhound bus station… hopefully this time my bus runs!