As I mentioned in the last blog, this time whilst in Los Angeles I am staying with a family who are super cool and have welcomed me into their home. On Saturday we went to the Forest Lawn Memorial Park, a cemetery, which was very different to what I was expecting and is actually where Michael Jackson is buried. There is even a museum here, the Forest Lawn Museum, which is home to the painting ‘Song of the Angels’ by the French painter William Bouguereau (one of the most popular French artists in the 1880s). The painting was originally titled ‘Virgin of the Angels’ and is considered one of the most important works of art in the U.S.A.

The museum also had Cao Young ‘Citizen of the World’ exhibition Art Without Boundaries. I have never heard of Cao Young before, but I was in awe of his technique and style, really great works he has created. I am so glad to now know of his art. After leaving China he began a journey of travel and self-discovery and found love has no borders and art has no boundaries. After the cemetery we headed to Griffith park to see some bat caves, from one of the Batman movies!

When we got back I cooked some dinner for my fantastic hosts, and as they love Greece, I made some moussaka, Greek salad and tzatziki! I really want to thank Mary and Adrian for hosting me it was a great experience and their two boys are such cool little dudes, so great to see kids that ask for vegetables and fruit instead of sweets!