For my last day my hosts took me to the Greek church Agia Sophia which was quite surreal being in a Greek church in Los Angeles. After that we popped next door to Papa Christos Greek Deli which had soo much great Greek food! Souvlaki (Greek kebab), tyropita (cheese pie) ooosh I was in heaven! After this I headed back to stay on Hollywood Boulevard for a night before setting off to San Diego Monday morning. Once I dropped my stuff off at the hostel, I headed over to West Hollywood to check out Brandon Boyd’s pop up art exhibition Optimystic at the 101 Exhibition space. Got some cool stickers for my car back home too!

Then I had a little detour over to Sunset Strip and decided to try some Californian sparkling wine which was delicious and had to pinch myself as I sipped it up at the Sky bar overlooking Los Angeles. Sometimes I feel like I have been here a while then I have a moment where I realise where I am and how crazy this all is! Down in the lobby of Skybar they too had an exhibition on Momentum by Mikael B. This has definitely been an arty weekend and great to see soo many free shows about in the city! Next stop San Diego (which I have kinda fallen in love with) to meet with soo many cool nature organizations, can’t wait! This time I will get to see more of S.D and its wildlife so I am probably going to fall for the place just a little bit more!