Later in August, Sinead and me jetted off to France for the bank holiday weekend! She invited me to join her at a weekend long party with some of her friends from her travels in New Zealand. I was more than happy to join her and so glad I did. We had a magical weekend and our host Max was an absolute gem. Thank you so much for having me.

France is just beautiful, and the west coast is where the sea, food and wine is at. The party was in Angles where his folks own a fabulous old Abbey that’s monks used to live in. The house is full of history and interesting trinkets. it is also attended by people from all over the world and is truly and international party weekend. We drink delicious wine from local vineyards that never ends, have fabulous bbqs and go to the local farmers market where I pick up half a leg of jambon amongst cheeses to bring back with me! Sadly though some of the cheese did not make it back. Nor did the langoustine terrine which is a sore matter, as the people at security wouldn’t let me bring it through as it was not solid… not a happy bunny at that time.

However, the weekend was amazing and we even got to go to the beach and eat fresh mussels right on the sea front. Delicious! The big game of the weekend was the ball game which the French enjoy a lot (as well as red wine) which I wasn’t great at but did enjoy! We had hired a car, so myself, Sinead and Andrea drove back to Nantes on Monday and managed a quick lunch before getting our flights back. I feel I need to live here at some point in my life. Not only would my French improve but the food is just the best!