After the dazzled eyes from California, when I initially arrived in Phoenix I wasn’t too impressed with the place… It seemed a bit…well… dry…and remote… This however changed! After my first day at not the best AirBnb I have stayed at, I went off to explore the city. I also went to the Desert Botanical Gardens just outside of Phoenix which is really amazing!

The Desert Botanical Garden coordinates and leads the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance, a partnership of scientists, land managers, educators, community members, and other conservation-based non-profit organizations focused on the sustainability of the mountain parks and preserve system in and around the Phoenix metro area. The Alliance’s vision is a sustainable preserve system that supports healthy ecosystems and provides beautiful, safe open spaces for recreation, education, and relaxation. Its mission is to foster community engagement in the study, restoration, and promotion of our mountain parks and preserves.

They also conduct genetic research, having onsite molecular labs, as well conducting research into endangered plant species. The centre maintains a collection of 52 species of rare southwestern plants that are part of the CPC National Collection of Endangered Plants. They also run education programs for school children and adults. The centre has over 35000 students visit a year and they run desert exploration programs and teach children about biodiversity, habitats and the wildlife that depends on them. After a tour of the facilities, I stuck around to take some cool pictures of the sunset!!