I got back into Miami around 8pm on Christmas eve and checked into my AirBnB I had booked. I figured I would splash out a bit for Christmas and get my own place so I had privacy to make lots of skype calls back at home. I also wanted a functioning kitchen to make food for the holidays, most seem to only have basic kitchens. Anyways it is really nice having a place to myself, it is small but just right for me and has a cool mezzanine bed.

Christmas day and I make calls in the morning to family before heading out to Key West. I take my Christmas picnic with me including a BBQ pork sandwich with roast potatoes, yum! I even got a dairy free pumpkin pie! On route to Key West I stopped off at a few of the other Keyes and checked out the beaches and nature reserves. Saw Osprey and other wildlife and got to do some sunbathing which is an interesting way to spend Christmas. This is my first outside of England and away from my family.

The following day on Boxing Day I went and explored Miami some more and also drove up in the morning to Hollywood beach and Fort Lauderdale for some sightseeing. In Miami, I went to Little Haiti and then Little Havana. Spent a bit more time in Little Havana as it’s a bit safer being a tourist hot spot. After some Cuban snacks and an impromptu dance to music in one place I went down to Key Biscayne for some more wildlife and beach time and watched the sunset from there before headed back home to pack my bags before my early flight the next morning.