I arrived in Newark Airport in the morning and my oh my it is soo cold! I have gone from the beach in Miami and 26-30oC to -7oC!! Bit of a shock to the system. I get the train into Penn Station and then grab the subway to my next stop, a hostel in Brooklyn. I can’t help but have ODB’s ‘Shame on you, when you step through to The Ol’ Dirty B*st*rd, Brooklyn Zoo!’ in my head. I get out at a stop in Brooklyn and feel as though I might get shot…. I also miss the beach and wearing tank tops!

I make it to my hostel, without getting shot, and meet the people in there. Not quite what I was expecting but everyone staying and the staff are super friendly and kind. After a bit of lunch I head out to check some of the nearby artwork. (That is nearby by my standards, I walk for about an hour to Bushwick). First though I make a pit stop at The Notorious B.I.G mural in Brooklyn. Bushwick is cool, kinda reminds me of Hackney in London, lots of hip eateries, coffee shops and thrift shops. I manage to get a pair of wellington boots that go to -30oC for only $13 and there are hardly warn! Need to get some warmer stuff so this is perfect along with my $6 jeans! Now I have two pairs to rotate through. Deffo needed in this cold weather!!

After spending the afternoon checking out the street art and thrift shops I head back to my hostel and have some dinner and beers with the other guests there. Tomorrow my friend Shannon arrives from Ireland. We did our Masters at Nottingham Trent University together and she is about to start her Phd over here on Grizzly bears which is super cool!