Dropped off at Heathrow by dad and ready to return to Malawi. I am normally really comfortable flying and often even able to do work on a plane, but this trip was weird given the restrictions and having to wear a mask on the flights. Which for a long haul flight can get a bit uncomfortable. Know don’t get me wrong I support the wearing of a mask and understand it but it makes no sense that we all wore one, then suddenly the whole plane was served food at the same time and so everyone took off their masks to eat…

Anyhoo, I arrived back all good despite an uncomfortable journey and Brennan picked me up from the airport. Oh how I missed the Nissan and all the cars! After a pit stop for Brennan to get some veggies, gin and beer for me from Chipiku, we arrived back at Kumbali. Oh I have missed my house even more. It is so dry and hot though! So happy to be back in the sunshine. I forgot what dry season is like here, especially the hot October month! Glad to see my vegetable patch survived, my kale, strawberries and fennel have thrived even.

I was welcomed back by Esther and her kids, who have been staying at the staff house whilst everyone got sent home. Thankfully they have been looking after the place, including watering my plants. Of course we said our hellos from a social distance and I will now quarantine at home for the next 14 days. So onto home improvements, gardening and getting things back in order. I also have been partial to quarantinis and love watching the sunset here. Everyday has been a gorgeous one as I sit in my garden and drink my Malawi Gin with Tonic and mulberries (fresh from the veggie garden).

And of course I am so excited to see the beautiful Mara again! I missed her greatly and she is happy to see me again, after all I am her Queen B!