Bank holiday Friday, gosh the days are a blur. I seemed to miss the memo that this year was a Bank Holiday Friday! I was half was through Monday when I spoke to my dad who told me about the change this year. Guess I didn’t know as I was in Malawi earlier this year, so was not going to be around if it were not for this pandemic. Me my mum and sis had some drinks in the front garden in the sunshine which was beaming down all day long and we have been hitting up the Dobble recently! Been a surprisingly busy week with Team Meetings but also catching up with the other two musketeers of the bat team.

Found myself back on social media now during the lockdown as I am managing the work accounts. I try and avoid it normally but the more you are on it the more you get engrossed in the online world. You can spend hours scrolling through feeds and stories and some people take hours crafting their moments of their lives they share with you. Since the millennium, social media has changed the way in which we are social. While researchers have not generally agreed whether social media decrease or increase social bonds, time spent on social media is time spent without physical proximity to other people.

All this technology has changed the way we interact with our friends, transforming once intimate friendship groups into networks of friends and even followers. But they are often from a distance only. These networks have already increased our social distance by satisfying the need for social connection through your mobile phone or compute. Likes provide the feeling of having something to say and that your are important to others and that they care. I mean do people really care about what we are eating?