Saturday morning and I get a cab to the Greyhound bus station. I met up with Gareth last night, one of the other scholars from the Nottingham Roosevelt Memorial Travelling Scholarship, and we ate some awesome Korean BBQ in the Koreatown district of Los Angeles. He warned me about the delays to expect on the Greyhound and that you really do need to get there early so you can get your bags on the bus. No dashing it last minute like the mega-bus back home.

So, I got there nice and early and headed off to my next City… San Diego. The moment I got off the bus I felt at ease. The vibe in SD is sooo different to L.A, so much more chilled. The people are super kind, the sun is out and there is mountains and sea (what a beautiful place!!). I get the bus to my hostel in Hillside and I am even more chilled in S.D. The people here are a great mix from all over the world as well as many US people.

Having so much fun at the hostel chatting to people that I almost don’t want to go back out! But the reason for coming to S.D this weekend is for the San Diego 38th Annual Jazz Festival. I found out about it when looking at what I could do over the Thanksgiving weekend as most things are closed so I emailed the organiser asking if I could volunteer at the event (as I couldn’t be spending out on the ticket) and she happily had me help out which is super cool!