Having been at OBC for just over a week now, I get to lead my first tour on Saturday afternoon. I shadowed some on Friday evening and Saturday morning before getting to lead my own. After introducing myself and welcoming them to the bat zone, I apologise to my public that they got stuck with me and to let me know if they struggle to get what I am saying. Apparently though they loved it and quite a few people went up to Amanda to her how good I was which is great as I was nervous to mess it up! Hope they really did enjoy it and not just listening to my British accent… Americans really do love the British accent.

Sunday I got to do some more tours which is great as I do love getting to teach people about bats and seeing their reaction to all the fabulous things they do! On the Monday, I am helping out with a really cool event that OBC does which was so popular the first time they are doing again… Bats n Brews. A great fundraiser supported by the local brewery where people can come and listen to a bat talk in a more chilled environment and have a beer too! We bring a few bats to show people too. I was mainly running the merchandise stall and we totally smashed it! Pretty much ran out of t-shirts! We even got to sample some of the brews, the main one we drank though was the one made specially for OBC!